14º Surforama R’n’R Fest | 18-20 May 2017 – Espai La Rambleta (Valencia, Spain)


* MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? (USA); The legendary sci-fi surf band from outer space is coming to Surforama! 25th anniversary show. Only abduction in Europe!!!

* THE NEW PICCADILLYS (Scotland); Do it Beat style!!! With members from The Kaisers, The Thanes or The Five Aces they can take everything to the most energetic Mersey sound.

* THE IMPERIAL SURFERS (Madrid, Spain); The kings of Hunka-Hunka are back. Fun is their mission. The best Frat-Instro Spanish band ever. Let’s twist!

* THE FUZILLIS (UK); Craziest instrumental band on Earth. Feeded by Las Vegas Grind and Jungle Exotica compilations. Dance or die. Ungawa!!

* LOS BENGALA (Zaragoza, Spain); No pain no love! Feline Garage Rock’n’Roll. From Los Saicos to Los Brincos in two swats. Wild!!

* LOS TWANGS & ESTHER (Zaragoza, Spain); the 14 years old Surf-Frat-Beat-R’n’R band will be joined by the singer Esther (from Swing Garret band)

* ROLANDO BRUNO Y SU ORQUESTA MIDI (Argentina); Rolando Bruno (from Los Peyotes) brinngs his Psychedelic Peruvian Cumbia to the beach.


* THE HI-RISERS with KAISER GEORGE (EEUU/Scotland) “This is Transatlantic Dynamite!! The Rochester trio with The Kaisers’ singer. Did you miss this incredible meeting when it happened 10 years ago? It’s going to happen again! Only show in the world!!”

* LOS CORONAS (Spain) “Back to the reverb! Just for one night, the Spanish godfathers of Surf playing their first records!!”

* MFC CHICKEN playing THE FABULOUS WAILERS (London, going through Tacoma) “A fabulous chicken tribute to the first and most influential band of the Pacific Northwest scene.”

* LINK PROTRUDI & THE JAYMEN (EEUU) “The Fuzztones’ leader, legend Rudi Protrudi, with his 80’s surf Link Wray style trio”.

* THE BLIND SHAKE (EEUU) “Extraterrestrial backyard surf  punk party with the primitive futuristic Minneapolis trio. A show to blow your mind.”


Remember!! Very limited tickets. Get yours before it’s too late here:


***OPENING PARTY!! (18 May 2017)


* WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! (Farewell show); last chance to see live the greatest Spanish garage band of the 21st century.


* LES GRYS GRYS (France); the French kids that have brought punk to Rhythm n’ Blues again.


Opening Party Tickets:


The wave is coming!!!

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